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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Time to count the ten thousand Buddha's

So, it was time to head check out the Temple of the ten thousand Buddha's. Apparently it's now supposed to be over 13 thousand but I must have missed a few 'cause I only got to twelve thousand eight hundred and forty.
It was a step uphill all the way, leaving overweight americans and locals behind on our way up the 400 hundred steps.
If the pathway up was impressive it was nothing compared to getting up to the actual temples. Was a bit surprised how little people was there since it was a really impressive piece of labour but that's their loss.
The statues ranged from the bizarre to the outmost serene and there was so much to take in that it was almost overwhelming.
On top of that there were a whole tribe of cheeky monkey's who had been around people for soo long that they lost all fear of them. You could see their clearly planned strategy to run off with your rucksack as soon as you turned your back on them. Seeing tourists fight off the monkey's with their umbrella's was as close as I got to a tag team match in Hong Kong...great fun.


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