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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Second day, dim sum breakfast

Next morning we went for breakfast and dim Sum was on the menu.
Now I've done my fair share of dim sum eating in my days, even been on a sort of strict dim sum diet a few years back with my good friend Konrad (which made me gain half a stone by the way) but to do the same thing in the morning is a completely different matter.
The bamboo baskets kept on coming while my eyes just got bigger (was I supposed to eat all this myself or were there a pack of wolves that I was supposed to shareit with?). Kwong reassured me that it was important to eat a lot since we were heading out to see the big Buddha on and without being properly fed we wouldn't make it up the stairs. I took his advice and munched away but had to see myself defeated by the treasures still remaining on the table.


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