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Saturday, April 22, 2006

First day in Hong Kong p.2

Waited for Kwong in Bar George and managed to down two pints of Guiness before he turned up. It's very important to not get dehydrated in warm climates!
When he turned up we checked out the evening shopping. Hong Kong seems to full of big shopping malls that goes on for ever. There's floor after floor with shops, each one with a speciality wheater that is electronics, outdoor clothing or make up. Escalators taking you up or down are everywhere to the point that it all gets confusing. Bought some needful things like extra battery for the camera and case I run out. It was time for food and we indulged in some beatiful Cha sui pork before hitting the market stalls which was an experience in itself.

Walking trough narrow streets of Mong Kok filled with all kind of fake stuff imagineable and was offered a dodgy Rolex's every thirty seconds. Must be some old myth about westener's love that sort of stuff and I'm sure Kwong was quite jelaous becuase he wasn't offered one once.
Found myself a good pair of very needed shorts since I only brought trousers...I promise, it was planned that way.


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