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Friday, April 28, 2006

Fear and Loathing in Bangkok

So, I arrived in Bangkok after a two hour flight from Hong Kong. Got to the hotell and was amazed by the standard. Beutiful ladies that invited you in and greated you with a nice drink. Pretty much went straight to bed since I was tired but managed to grab three JD's to ensure the evening kip.
Next day I geared up for some sightseeing and took a cab into the grand palace. It was then I realized that the Radisson hotel is situated in the business area and miles away from everything else.
Got to the palace ok though and immediately got hounded by hawkers trying to get me to somewhere else to which I pretended I didn't understand and walked away. At the temple entrance the hawking continued. I was offered guided tours, tours to go to after I've been guided and tours I should be going to after that....phew!
Brushed it off, went in and checked out the actual palace which was really great. Once I was done I intended to continue with more sightseeing but getting to the places was such a hazzle with all the hawkers that I went back and sat down by the exit. Immediately a guy came up to me and said he knew of a very good prostiute place called Candy that I should visit, "They open at six o'clock, you go early while they are still fresh" to which I waived my hand at and told him to go away. Was then approached by another man asking me where I was from and I said Sweden. He replied "You don't see many people from Sweden in Bangkok why is that?", to which I replied... "Because they're smart???".
It became clear I was approached because I was alone. Being out of the guided tourist groups I was the new born wilderbeast with the hyenas stalking for prey.
Since I had another five days to go there was only one thing to do. Went to the nearest good travel agent and booked myself in for daily tours and filled in my visa applications for Laos and Cambodia. Said and done...a 6 a clock rise every morning but everything is better than trying to navigate trough Bankgkok by yourself if you never been here before.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello....Will glad your still in one piece. There is a Safari Park just outside Bangkok which maybe worth a visit I fed a baby Tiger Can't remember the name unfortunately but the hotel your staying at should have the details. You should also checkout Siam Square and perhaps take a boat down the river.

Have you had any massages yet?

Geanie say's hello and would like to know if you are back to waist 32?


5:14 am  

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